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When your heater isn't working properly, the home comfort experts at Vai Services can diagnose the problem correctly and perform the service you need to get your system up and running at peak performance. 

Common reasons and indicators you may need service include cold air coming from the vents, the system is running constantly or won't turn on at all, your energy bills have increased, the pilot light or burner on your furnace isn’t working, overly dirty air filters, or your thermostat seems like it is faulty. 

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When it's time to replace your heating system, the home comfort experts at Vai Services have the experience and expertise to make the best recommendations to meet your specific needs and budget. From calculating the correct size of your equipment to recommending the type of unit that will keep your home comfy cozy for years to come, Vai Services will make sure you have all of the information you need to choose the equipment that is best for your home.  

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The best time of year to think about heating maintenance is late summer and early fall before the weather turns cold. 

Preventive maintenance of your equipment will help reduce energy costs, improve comfort, and extend the life of your equipment.
A maintenance plan is only as good as the company performing the work. Vai Services offers straightforward, comprehensive, and affordable maintenance plans to keep your heating system operating efficiently.  
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